One Minute Video: The Long Take

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The didactical training in the theme Video was the source of inspiration of this workshop. Ceramics teacher Heike Rabe together with Patching Zone coach Loes Bogers developed a 5 day workshop on how video can be integrated into fine art classes. The ‘One Minute Video: The Long Take’ workshop gives the participants the opportunity to present their work in a different way. They learn how video can turn a static exposition in a dynamic one.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in fine arts (i.e., painting, sculpting, ceramics, textile et cetera). The try-outs for this workshop, however, has been targeted at adults taking ceramics. This does not mean that the teaching model could not easily be made appropriate for other audiences.

As the name indicates, the participants made a one minute video on their work. In 5 lessons they learned the basic principles of video production. The participants will be able to shoot film, apply film techniques, make a storyboard, editing and exporting their finished film to YouTube. The last session turned the Digital Art Lab into a cinema. All the videos were shown and the whole process behind making the video eleboratively discussed. It was brought to our attention that the speed of learning new skills could have been a little slower. The participants would have prefered a little more time in getting acquinted with a) the camera, b) camera techniques, and c) the software. All the participants, however, were genuinely excited and would like to continue to experiment with the medium.

To comply with the participant’s needs, Heike Rabe have a second session of this workshop in March. This session was practically identical to the first session, and will therefore not be elaborated. The videos of the second session were presented at the joint exposition ‘Art Date’ (e.g., a collaborative exposition of fine arts participants at CKC) on March 24, 2011.

Session 1: 26-11-2011 until 14-01-2011
Session 2: 15-02-2011 until 18-03-2011

Session 1: 7 CKC participants (age 50+)
Session 2: 13 CKC participants (age 50+)




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