Erasmus Brainstorms

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To explore the potential collaborations between Digital Art Lab and Erasmus College (and other secondary school in Zoetermeer), we organised a number of brainstorms. These brainstorms were 1 hour mini-workshops in video journalism and virtual theater. The sessions not only gave us insight in the target group of the Lab, but was also meant to lower the threshold. The Patching Zone team were the coordinators of these sessions.


Video Journalism

In this workshop the participants got training in video recording, interviewing and being interviewed. In 3 short session participants learned skills necessary for broadcast journalism. In the ‘being interviewed’ sessions they learned to guide the interviewer’s questions to suit their own purposes instead those of the interviewer. In the ‘interviewing’ session they learned several interview techniques to get the right answers to their questions. Finally in the ‘camera’ session they learned how to handle a camera.


Virtual Theatre

In this workshop participants explored the creative possibilities of live video manipulation for theatre. Short scenes were created and performed by using interactive video stream, webcams and projector. In small groups participants learned to arrange a short scene inspired by a mini synopsis. In less than 1 hour they were asked to develop an outline of a mini-play and incorporate interactive video images into 1 play wherein the virtual and physical would unite. Although 1 hour isn’t much time to develop and perform a theatre play, participants were quickly got the hand of it. The time pressure even seemed to have a positive effect on the creativity and excitement of the participants.


Sessions: March 17, March 31, April 7 (6 two hour sessions)
Participants: 105 subjects (12-18 years old)




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