Weird & Wonderful Mini Workshops

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During the mid summer break the schools were closed. The sunny streets of Zoetermeer were packed with bargain hunters and people enjoying the good life. That’s why we organised guerilla workshops in the shopping areas of Zoetermeer. Several mini-workshop were developed and tested which attracted young kids between 5-11 years old. The 4 workshop models developed and tested for ‘CKC op Straat’ will also be presented in the International Symposium for Electronics Arts (ISEA) in Istanbul, September 2011.



In this workshop you learn how you can use electronic clay to create simple electronic circuits. Children learn how electricity works by playing with clay.

Invisible ink
DEspite it being an old concept, it is still a big hit with children. In this workshop kids learn how to make their own crown and write secretly by using lemon juice as ink.

Wearable pixel
The wearable pixel is a LED light that get’s it energy in the most simple way: with paper clips, tape and thread. The pixel could be attached to clothes or be worn as a bracelet.

Vibrobert was a great succes. He is a vibrobot; a robot that moves through vibrations. By using DIY materials, anyone can build his/her own electronics blow fly at home.



April 26 & May 3
Participants: 75 subjects




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