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Every year the CKC organises an open day to show the public what you can do in the CKC. There are free workshops, demonstrations and other festivities that turn this day into a creative event. According to tradition, CKC course members actively participate in the Open Day. This year the Digital Art Lab also joined the fun. We organised a number of demonstrations and activities to showcase the artistic possibilities of the Lab. Participants of previous workshops were invited to assist us on this day, and share their experiences in the Lab with the public.

Our Wii dance game ‘Break It Down’ was officially released on the Open Day. Not only kids but also adults had great interest in and excitement for the game (continue reading about Break It Down). People were even standing in line to try it out. The remarkable thing about this was that the people standing in line were also playing the game, only without controllers. Although they didn’t have any control over the game elements in the game, they were triggered to copy the dance moves displayed on the screen. In groups they were dancing to the beat, without caring much about their game score.

The short demonstrations of workshops were also highly attended. The public, for instance, could experiment with the set-ups of Digitaal Danstheater and Wii Control Dance. A demonstration was given by a game workshop senior in how to program a game. In addition, a group of synthesizer workshop seniors demonstrated how they made their sound machines. For those who didn’t feel like actively participating in either the demonstrations or the game, we had 8 computers showing videos of our and our participants’ work.




May 21, 2011 (12:00-17:00u)
Participants: 150 subjects, age mixed (5-80)




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