Break It Down

Break it Down Game

Alongside the predefined aims of the Digital Art Lab the creation of the Break in Down Game by the members of the Patching Zone team and the Design team was an extremely valuable additional success. In an extremely short amount of time, merely three months the game development team made something out of nothing. The goal was to make a game based on the one of the performing arts that is taught in the CKC. It had to be fun and enjoyable for both players and observers.

The end result was a hip-hop dance game. The objective of the player is to copy correctly the dance moves that are shown on the screen. To monitor the movement of the players the game uses two Wii-controllers, that players attach to their arms. The better a player is, the higher higher level they will reach. The game was launched at the Open Day of CKC Zoetermeer on May 21th. It was very popular at Open Day, a lot people played it. They hung around at the Lab to break the latest high score or danced along with the other players while waiting for their turn.

It was a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved and is a great example for the spirit of collaborative creation that reigned in the Digital Art Lab.


The Break it Down game was made possible by the following people:

Patching Zone team

Peter Bogman – programming/game development
EmÅ‘ke Bada – communication/ game design
Kristina Andersen – lead game design
Inge Ploum – continuity manager

CKC Design team:

Timothy Andrews – hip-hop dance expert/game design
Kim Wijsbeek – technical advisor/musical expert/game design
Annelies de Graaf – props design