Product Machine

The success of the Digital Art Lab project led to the development of the serious game called ‘Product Machine.’ This blended game (i.e., it is played on- and offline) was intended to automate and gamify the innovative product development process CKC teachers go through at the Digital Art Lab. The Product Machine stimulates idea sharing among teachers, active collaboration, and functions as a process tracker (i.e., how an idea evolves from concept to an marktable product).

Despite the fact that the game play is chiefly text-based, the Product Machine is a combination of a badge-enabled web game and a social platform. This combination not only created a delightful playfullness, but also enhanced collaborative involvement and user dedication. By playing the game, players build create their own reputation in the game community. They need to play 3 distinct roles: inventor (= developing new ideas and nurturing them), co-creator (= cooperating on someone elses idea by commenting), and controller (= rating someone elses ideas and comments). Points are awarded to each role, and added for the total score. A player must play all the roles in order to go to a next level.

The game is completed when a player has succesfully walked through the levels. The game is officially brought to a close, when a player presents his/her product to the Product Machine community. This final presentation is also the launch of the new product.

Serge Juchko – Scrum master / Programmer
Loes Bogers – Game Design
Inge Ploum – Continuiteits manager / Game Design / Video Production

Product Owners
Ralph Boeije (Alares)
Anne Nigten (Patching Zone)
Ton Sandfort (CKC)

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