The success of the pilot year of the Digital Art Lab can be attributed to the following team of young international media experts.


Loes Bogers

Loes Bogers is a concept developer and communicator with a strong interest in managing interdisciplinary collaborative processes. She expresses herself through code and movement and words. Her work is focused on shared experiences of urban spaces through memory, sound and movement, and aim to structurally intervene in the everyday media ecologies we inhabit by distorting or enhancing our experience of our surroundings.

She holds a BA in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Amsterdam and an MA in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths College in London and has studied media arts and production at the University of Technology in Sydney. She is certified salsa teacher and trainer of OneMinutes video workshops. Loes is currently finalizing the Digital Art Lab project at the Patching Zone (in collaboration with CKC Zoetermeer) and will be artist in residence at Kitchen Budapest in Hungary this summer.


Inge Ploum

Inge Ploum (NL) is creator and researcher of contemporary cross-media products. Her creative work takes the form of blogging, managing work processes and directing/editing video for her own company ‘Vide-ING’. Throughout her work the focus is on the process and method of development, always centering the enquiry on the ‘how’. She has written professionally for the Institute of Network Cultures and The Patching Zone. For the past year she has been working for the Patching Zone on the Digital Art Project. Her work at the Digital Art Lab ranges from creating new educational content and teachning methods, managing workshop projects, promoting upcoming events, developing games to fronting conceptual and finished products. Inge enjoys applying her organizational skills to project, people and situations. Both her writing and editing reflect that. Inge graduated ‘cum laude’ with a MA in New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam (2009).


Berit Janssen

Berit is a composer and researcher interested in the way we perceive, categorize and aestheticize sound. She approaches this question through academic and artistic research, which takes the form of constructing teaching methods and workshops, writing academically, composing and developing sound installations and music software. Her experience spans broadly from teaching and presenting at academic conferences to coding and making music, while consistently engaged in the same overarching enquiry into perception and sound. Recently she has taught workshops about building synthesizers and sound design through movement as part of the Digital Art Lab project of the Patching Zone. She has exhibited her installation work at the Elive Festival and the Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht. She programs in C++, C and Objective-C for projects such as STEIM’s live sampling software LiSa, and has been part of the research group at STEIM since March 2010.


Emőke Bada

Emőke Bada (HU/NGR) primarily works with still and moving images, but her experiments often lead her to other types of expression like text, experiences, objects and events. For most of her life she has moved between continents and cultures, using these moves to expose herself to the world and in return unveil the world she as she finds it. Through her work and travels she consistently finds herself in doorways and on thresholds between, cultures, processes and methods. Her work on self portraits and identity is an ongoing process of explaining and processing this position of being in between. Bada has spent the last year working in a multidisciplinary team in the Netherlands and she is about to commence her graduation process at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts back in Budapest. Most recently she was awarded the ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2011.


Linda Kronman

Linda is a media artist and designer from Helsinki, Finland. She has worked as an Art Director for media production companies and taken part in several multidisciplinary design projects. Spring 2010 she graduated Masters of Art in New Media from Aalto University, School of Art and Design (Helsinki, Finland), with an exchange semester at IDAS Hong-ik University (Seoul, South Korea). In her artistic work she explores interactive and transmedial methods of storytelling. She is interested in participatory art and design practices and she has organized several participatory workshops and attended international exhibitions.